Card sorting methods: A List

Card sorting is a simple and useful means of eliciting and aggregating qualitative data, in a participatory manner. Card sorting is also known as pile sorting, in the field of Cognitive Anthropology. This post will try to accumulate a list of  documents on this subject.

These sources focus on card sorting for website design, but are nevertheless of wider interest

See also online card sorting software:

See also this list of resources on card sorting

  • Card sorting, by Dey Alexander Consulting. It covers introductory articles, discussion articles, variations, case studies, tools, books and book reviews

Both offer free and paid-for versions of their services. In both cases the paid-for versions are expensive, and hopefully will be come cheaper as more competition emerges

There is also software available for the analysis of the results of physical card sorts, which can be downloaded and used on a desktop/laptop:

Information on specific card sorting methods