The state of the art of realist methodologies: a two day conference

This two day conference brings together internationally recognised scholars from a wide range of disciplines to debate and advance realist methodologies and celebrate the innovative and ground-breaking work of emeritus Professor Ray Pawson.

Considerable innovation is happening in realist synthesis, evaluation, and mixed method research. There is compelling evidence of wide scale early adoption of realist methodologies across the human and social sciences. This conference, which is being held at The Leeds Club, brings together these innovators and adopters to advance realist methodologies.

Confirmed speakers include: Annette Boaz, Nick Emmel, Trish Greenhalgh, Joanne Greenhalgh, Justin Jagosh, Mike Kelly, Bruno Marchal, Ana Manzano, Mark Monaghan, Jane Nixon, Ray Pawson, Rebecca Randell, Jo Rycroft-Malone, Nick Tilley, Sara Van Belle, Rebecca Walwyn, Malcolm Williams, and Geoff Wong.

Key note sessions include: The zigzag of realist methodology; realist synthesis; multiple methods in realist research; policy, lessons from realist research; realist evaluation in international development; RCTs and realist evaluation.