American Evaluation Association 2019 Conference: Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, Renewal

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I invite you to address the following types of questions in our conference this year:

  1. What frameworks, experiences, methods and practices best prepare us to address key issues of our time—massive migration (and the economic and social challenges that accompany it), climate change disasters, epidemic threats, and shifts in resources through economic globalization. In what way do our evaluations help our stakeholders understand the impact of these issues locally, in every evaluation we undertake?
  2. How do we innovate and adapt our thinking, methods and practices to ensure our evaluations address the important societal challenges of today, and enable our communities to have informed and productive conversations?
  3. How do we ensure our evaluation practices “leave no one behind,” as promised by 150 countries committed to the SDGs – i.e., how do we promote equity, diversity and the protection of human rights for all involved and affected by our evaluations?
  4. How do we bring leadership competence to our evaluations? How do we prepare ourselves to be credible evaluators as we step into the controversial issues in our society or manage the anxiety our presence may stir? How do we stay independent and impartial, think calmly and creatively, act methodically and insightfully, consult all sides, include members of marginalized communities, and manage an evaluation that frames things systematically and provides credible answers to the most important questions?