2016 Annual [UKES] Evaluation Conference Building a Culture of Evaluation: Challenging assumptions, unpacking complexity, championing change

The conference website http://www.profbriefings.co.uk/ukes2016

Call for abstracts

Contributions are invited on methods, practice and policy from civil society, government, academia and business, both in the UK and overseas. Structured abstracts for papers, symposiums, discussion panels and posters should cover:

Theme 1:         The culture of evaluation and vice versa – practical experience of either building such a culture or evaluating cultural issues, what worked, why it worked and the pitfalls.

Theme 2:         Unpacking complexity – how to analyse a situation and make it manageable, challenging assumptions, techniques for and experience of evaluating complex issues, learning from other disciplines.

Theme 3:         Evaluation as a discipline – how to identify evaluators from different professional sectors and backgrounds and build communities of practice between and among them. What makes evaluators different and what value do they add?

Theme 4:         Communication – spreading the word about evaluation, either to help develop a culture or to champion change as a result of evaluation findings. For example, through developing toolkits, exploiting the available technology, using social media, thinking out of the box.

The closing date for receipt of abstracts for formal presentations is 13 November 2015 and for poster presentations is 11 April 2016.

For further information contact london@profbriefings.co.uk