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  • Thu
    Washington DC, USA

    "Digital data and new media and information technologies are changing monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL). The past five years have seen technology-enabled MERL growing by leaps and bounds. From adaptive management and ‘developmental evaluation; to faster, higher quality data collection; to remote data gathering through sensors and self-reporting by mobile; to big data and social media analytics; to story-triggered methodologies —  the field is in constant flux with emerging methods, tools and approaches.

    Alongside these new initiatives, we are seeing increasing documentation and assessment of technology-enabled MERL initiatives. Good practice guidelines are emerging and agency-level efforts are making new initiatives easier to start, build on and improve. The swarm of ethical questions related to these new methods and approaches has spurred greater attention to areas such as responsible data practice and the development of policies, guidelines and minimum ethical standards for digital data.

    Championing the above is a growing and diversifying community of MERL practitioners, assembling from a variety of fields; hailing from a range of starting points; espousing different core frameworks and methodological approaches; and representing innovative field implementers, independent evaluators, and those at HQ that drive and promote institutional policy and practice"

    For more information see http://merltech.org/

  • Tue
    Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA) is a voluntary civil society organisation established in 1999, by an interested group of professionals from the government, private sector and non-governmental organisations. One of the flagship events conducted by SLEvA is the Biennial International Conference in Sri Lanka which attracts both local and foreign presentations and participation.

    This year’s Conference theme is Actioning Evaluation - Key to Sustainable Development (SD).

    For more information visit the conference website: https://slevaconference2015.wordpress.com/

    SLEvA Secretariat
    120/10, "Vidya Mandiraya"
    Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07
    Sri Lanka
    Tel : +9411 2696235
    E-mail: sleva.sec@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.sleva.lk/


  • Wed
    Chicago, Illinois, USA


    Heightened community unrest sparked by the death of unarmed citizens; disproportionate inequities in education, poverty, health care, and rates of incarceration; and an intensely divisive U.S. presidential election require even more vigilant attention from our global CREA community. It is critically important that we focus on the generation, analysis, and usage of substantive evidence “that matters” in the evaluations and assessments we undertake. To address the issues our communities face, we are compelled and responsible to raise questions about what is being done to correct inequities and aggressively translate this evidence into action that has meaningful impact on our collective future.


    Therefore the Evidence Matters: Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment Translating to Action and Impact in Challenging Times will focus on the following areas:

    Program evaluation, measurement and assessment as sources of evidence
    Challenging the status quo regarding whose evidence matters
    Cultural responsiveness as foundational to more equitable public policy
    Moving from evidence generation to advocacy and action
    Policies and practices of influence and consequence in the quest for social justice
    Ethical challenges in complex areas of inquiry; whose justice is advanced?

    Conference flyer 2017 CREA Conference Flier 

    Conference website: http://crea.education.illinois.edu/home/crea-conference-2017



  • Mon
    Washington, D.C.

    Theme: Evaluation + Design

    Website: http://www.eval.org/p/cm/ld/fid=451

    Everything we evaluate is designed. Every evaluation we conduct is designed. Every report, graph, or figure we present is designed. In our profession, design and evaluation are woven together to support the same purpose—making the world a better place. By considering both as parts of a whole, we can advance that purpose. 

    This year, we will consider the integration of design and evaluation in three areas. 

    Program Design: We call the intentional actions that organizations take to improve the social or natural world programs. Today,organizations of every kind are designing and implementing programs. They include:

    • nonprofit organizations serving the most critical needs of communities with education, human services, and health programs;
    • government agencies piloting innovative solutions to longstanding social problems;
    • philanthropists supporting collaborative programs designed to create collective impact;
    • corporations implementing social responsibility programs that promote social equity and environmental sustainability;
    • and public-private initiatives, such as pay-for-success funding, social enterprises, and impact investing, that leverage private capital for social good.

    Every program is designed, yet the field of evaluation has not developed a systematic approach to designing programs. Should we? Can we? What would it look like? What role should evaluators play? How can evaluation be built into a program from the start? Can we design for sustainability? What does it mean for a program to have an exemplary design?

    Evaluation Design: An evaluation design integrates evaluation theories, approaches, and methods to achieve a set of intended purposes in a specific context. An evaluation design encompasses more than research design. It also includes:

    • the use of evaluation as a direct means of creating change, for example by working with stakeholders in ways that promote equity and empower communities;
    • strategies for understanding, working with, and building consensus among stakeholders;
    • the thoughtful combination of quantitative and qualitative methods;
    • the application of evaluation for formative, summative, and developmental purposes;
    • and the development of evaluative criteria that establish what matters, to whom, and why.

    Evaluation design is dynamic, changing as programs develop and real-world challenges emerge. Given this complexity, what constitutes an exemplary evaluation design? Does flexibility and responsiveness come at the expense of quality, credibility, or usefulness? Can we learn to design evaluations that are faster, cheaper, and better? How do we balance the competing interests of stakeholders?

    Information Design: Evaluators must communicate to diverse audiences about the complexities of programs and their impacts. They strive to be accurate, compelling, and clear. At the same time, they are constrained by the time, attention, and training of audiences. To be successful, evaluators must develop strong information design skills, such as:

    • data visualization techniques that transform mind-boggling complexity into clear, meaningful images;
    • real-time data displays that help managers make decisions better and more quickly;
    • storytelling that speaks to the part of our brains hardwired by evolution to learn from narrative;
    • and multi-faceted communication strategies that leverage social psychology and social media to promote appropriate and timely use.

    Information design plays a central role in evaluation. But what is good information design? How should it be taught and learned? Can we be persuasive and accurate at the same time? Have evaluation reports become obsolete? What roles can online and interactive technologies play?

    In 2016, professiona

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  1. 25 Responses to “M&E Conferences”

  2. Monitoring and Evaluation is the key for change and development. The presence of a project or a program without monitoring and evaluation is not fruit full and cannot effectively and efficiently utilize the available resources for the project or program implementation or delivery. So, the development efforts on monitoring and evaluation is very crucial and important as it gives ways, mechanisms or systems in which the objective projects or programs. I am happy to be part of this association. I would like to thank the organizers for providing this learning and information sharing opportunity on monitoring and evaluation.

    By Amare Getachew on Jun 22, 2015

  3. Who are eligible to attend the Swiss Evaluation Society (SEVAL) and Geneva Evaluation Network (GEN) conference

    By Paul kipsang Towett on Jul 10, 2015

  4. I suspect it is anyone who pays the conference fee :-) But check their website… there must be one

    By rick davies on Aug 12, 2015

  5. How much is the conference fee per participant? Is it possible for you to send an invitation letter for two?

    By Abigail Bwanga on Aug 17, 2015

  6. If Africa is to really change in how it is being governed, independent monitoring and evaluation has to be made its integral companion.

    By Paul on Sep 19, 2015

  7. I wish to attend a knowledge sharing workshop on M&E of projects in the Asian region, to get improved my career. can you help me please.?

    M&E officer

    By K A P Kandawela on Oct 10, 2015

  8. I want to attend the monitoring & evalaution workshops, would you please help me how to apply & the procedures?

    Mulat Tilahun
    M&E Officer

    By Mulat Tilahun on Apr 14, 2016

  9. I am requesting for more details on participation.I come from Kenya and I am m&E PRACTITIONER

    By Brian on Jun 14, 2016

  10. I am an M & E officer for a project in Africa dealing with conflict resolution. I am highly motivated on M & E issues and like to have an opportunity of sharing which I hope you can help me out. I will like to appreciate your work in supporting such initiatives.

    Alhaji Sali Usmanu

    By Sali Usmanu on Jun 29, 2016

  11. I am M&E officer working in humanitarian organisation and I wish to attend this knowledge sharing conference on M&E. can you help me how to apply or proceed please.?

    By Mulat Tilahun on Jul 20, 2016

  12. Hello,
    I am a M&E student working on obtaining my Diploma from the Liberian Institute of Public Administration (LIPA). I have great interest in the course and wish to advance in any ways. Attending this knowledge sharing conference will impact me greatly.

    By Joseph D. Stewart, Sr. on Jul 29, 2016

  13. Hello, Everyone!
    I am looking to embark on an academic research on ‘Mainstreaming Monitoring and Evaluation System in Public Institutions for Effective Peacebuilding and Development Projects Implementation.
    Kindly assist me with materials by giving me links and sending me what you have.

    By Egwuatu on Aug 7, 2016

  14. I work on M&E at the Ministry of Communications in Egypt. I work on Project with UNDP. I =attended an Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation course by INTRAC in Oxford, UK in year 2010 which has benefited me a lot. I am eager to get a training on Impact Studies. Kindly respond. Thanks.

    By Noha Gaballah on Aug 21, 2016

  15. I am working as Impact Measurement Manager at an NGO called Teach For Lebanon. I would like to improve my skills and knowledge by attending workshops and conferences related to M&E. Please advise!

    By Diana Maddah on Oct 11, 2016

  16. Dear Conference organizers

    Kindly send me an invitation to attend this very important conference for this year 24- 29 October 2016.

    i need this invitation urgently in order for permission and funds to be released as soon as possible

    Thank you

    By Okello Patrick Ajalimo on Oct 12, 2016

  17. Am working as monitoring and Evaluation officer in an NGO specifically concerned with HIV prevention, i would like to attend the conference to attain more experience in using the latest approaches in my daily M&E practices.

    By Kiriko Abdallah on Jan 1, 2017

  18. Hello. Am an M&E Director for an International NGO. I request for information on how to attend the conference.

    By Mbaziira Hassan on Jan 3, 2017

  19. Hi, am interested to attend the above M*E training/workshops/symposium. what are the criteria for attending them.These will help me build more for my organization.

    Could you please share with me some links and information on developing M&E strategy for organizations,M&E plan and Frameworks
    waiting for response
    Solomon Lukyamuzi
    M&E Officer
    DSW Uganda

    By Lukyamuzi Solomon on Jan 24, 2017

  20. I like to have an opportunity of sharing which I hope you can help me out. I will like to appreciate your work in supporting such initiatives.

    By Sungtae Kim on Feb 13, 2017

  21. Hi, kindly provide me with information on a one week training in M&E, data analysis, SPSS and the like in Mumbai india in March 2017

    By Sheku Sesay on Feb 28, 2017

  22. Good day,am a non-member of CREA but am interested in attending the forthcoming 2017 4th conference at Chicago in September.

    I am interested in coming for the conference and needs an invite from CREA to my workplace to be able to attend.

    My organisation’s name is University of Ibadan and the mailing address is

    NO 7 Parry Road
    Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law
    University of Ibadan
    West Africa

    By Aiyegboyin Adebimpe Abisola on Mar 1, 2017

  23. Grateful if you can provide me with detail information about the M&E conference such as; what is required to attend, eligibility, payment etc.

    By Yvonne Heroe on Apr 3, 2017

  24. Please contact the organizers of the conferences listed here, via the link provided within the post

    By rick davies on Apr 9, 2017

  25. Dear Rick,

    I was working for ActionAid the Gambia as M&E Officer. I even worked with in development Area2. I want to ask if I want to become a member of the M&E Network, what do I do.

    Thank you

    Momodou A. Jallow

    By Momodou A. Jallow on Apr 12, 2017

  26. Go to
    and sign up there

    regards, rick

    By rick davies on Apr 27, 2017

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