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PROCESS TRACING: Oxfam’s Draft Protocol

Undated, but possibly 2012. Available as pdf [1]

Background: “Oxfam GB has adopted a Global Performance Framework.  Among other things, this framework involves the random selection of samples of closing or sufficiently mature projects under six outcome areas each year and rigorously evaluating their performance.  These are referred to as Effectiveness Reviews.  Effectiveness Reviews carried out under the Citizen Voice and Policy Influencing thematic areas are to be informed by a research protocol based on process tracing, a qualitative research approach used by case study researchers to investigate casual inference.”

Oxfam is seeking feedback on this draft.    Please send your comments to PPAT@oxfam.org.uk [2]

See also the related blog posting by Oxfam on the “AEA365 [3] | A Tip-a-Day by and for Evaluators”website:

Rick Davies comment: While the draft protocol already includes six references on process tracing, I would recommend two more which I think are especially useful and recent: