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Poverty and environment indicators

Produced by: Capability and Sustainability Centre, University of Cambridge (2008)

The aim of this report [1] is to explain technical aspects in using and developing Poverty & Environment indicators (P&E) by providing a toolbox that will enable the readers to use indicators to mainstream environment into poverty reduction strategies. The document targets policy-makers working with poverty and environment issues in Africa.

The main messages of this document include:

This report recommends the use of ‘adjustment factors’, which can take into account the nature and extent of environmental problems and ‘regression analysis’ to develop P&E indicators. It proposes a new methodology that enables the development of indicators to be: relational, objective and multidimensional.

Available online at: http://www.eldis.org/cf/rdr/?doc=36898 [1]

[This notice was copied from the ELDIS [2] POVERTY REPORTER 3 June 2008]