IMA International training events: Bangkok, Thailand

Date: 9th November 2009
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

9th Planning Development Projects short course, in Bangkok, Thailand, IMA International

16th Monitoring and Evaluation in Development short course, in Bangkok, Thailand, IMA International

23rd Working with Logframes short course in Bangkok, Thailand, IMA International

13 thoughts on “IMA International training events: Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. I am young statistician in Central Statistical Agency (CSA)of Ethiopia. I frequently visit your website and I have found very interesting your trainings. Please make me the
    participiant of your Monitoring and Evaluation training in
    Thailand Bankok.

    Many thanks and kindest regards.

    Lijalem Dagnaw

  2. I am working as a Regional Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research officer with a national NGO in an earth quake affected district of Mansehra, Pakistan.I frequently visit your website. No doubt IMA International Training events better reflect the modern trends and approaches and M&E role in development perspective.This thing has really inspired me and i want to be part of your comming event titled” Monitoring and Evaluation in Development” to be scheduled for November 2009. I want to utilize this opportunity through your scholarship program.

    Noor Afzal

  3. I am statistician working in an NGO for four years. I have been involving as a data manager.I am eager to get training on Monitoring and Evaluation as well as data management related short courses under scholarship program.Could you please make sure of it?

    Many thanks

    Laxman Ghimire

  4. I am working as a Planing,Monitoring& Evaluation senior officer for Rehabilitation of Afghan with disability with Swedish committee for Afghanistan,Kabul,Afghanistan.I see IMA International Training events more fruitful play vital role in the way making M&E more accessible to every one.I am interesting to get training in Monitoring and Evaluation in Development short course.I will be happy to be scheduled for September 2010 or any M&E and RBM training.Anticipating for invitation to the mentioned training.

  5. Dear Sir /Madam Due to i like my officail field M&E i found and sudied your website most useful for any one specialy for myself in this regard ,i have interested if possible scehduled me for your future training in the mentioned field.
    I had worked with many international NGO’s and UN Agencies in the last 15years for development programs and pojects in many Provinces of Afghanistan So i have eoungh practicaly experaince in this field .I would like if possbile for you to scheduled me for your this year any M&E training i will be happy to enhence my field teoriticaly to develop my M&E field better and stronger then befor, the end any documents and my CV and certificats will be avalible in your reqeust .

    Best regards

  6. You need to make direct contact with the training provider, IMA. Follow the link on this page, to their website and look for contact information there.

  7. I have been working in Government rural development sectors and international NGOs for the last ten year, currently as “Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist”. I have frequently been visiting your site and really interested to take part in the scholarship you are providing on Monitoring and Evaluation in Development”. The skill I will be obtaining surely benefits the developing country of mine in aligning programs towards result based and impacts measurment.May you please consider me in your upcoming schedules.
    sincerely yours,
    Asrat, Ethiopia

  8. I am workeing as an economist M & E with world bank funded project by the name On Farm Water Management Project.We approximatly six people M&E staff are searching M&E training in Thailand.Could you people arrange a 15 days training for us.Please give me information regarding training soon.

  9. My name is Joseph Tinarwo a student in Master of Public Administration at a dissertation level(Topic Area: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation).I am volnteering at UNICEF ZIMBABWE as an assistant to the Planning ,Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist(Capacity Building).I wish to participate at your M&E Trainings on scholarship, if you can assist that will be great for me and also the organisation iam volunteering for.

    With regards

    Joseph Tinarwo/Zimbabwe.

  10. I am working as M&E Capacity Building Specialist with USAID’s ACME (Accelerating Capacity for Monitoring and Evaluation) project in Bangladesh. I need to attend your course related to M&E and Theory of Change with my own funding. Please give me information regarding training course soon to be held in Bangkok, Thailand or any other SAARC countries within 2016.

  11. Dear sir/madam

    I am working in the field of monitoring and evaluation with specific focus on national education system which has wider scope to disseminate the learning both in formal and non-formal settings.Monitoring and evaluation is the mostly the low prioritized sector specially in the public services, that I have planned to change. For this, some capacity on this specific field is essential. Thus, if possible, I would like to take part in your training program along with financial support.

  12. Please make contact with the training provider. MandE NEWS does not provide training, it simply hosts advertisesments of training provided by others

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